Writer – Mike Narouei
Directors – Mike Narouei, Fatima Rodriguez
Producers – Mike Narouei
Marketing Coordinators – Alfie Henwood, Walker Zupp
Designer – Isabel Shaw
Stage Manager – Kieran Burton
Eva – Malka Kovalenko
Eddie – James Bone
Jack – Walker Zupp
Archie – Stefan Rasmussen
Matias – Santiago Guilammon
Virginia – Hannah Swain
Jenny – Martha Shannon
Written by Mike Narouei the play tracks the final hour the North Tower of the World Trade Centre stood after the first plane hit. With no scenes, transitions, or cuts, the piece blends verbatim dialogue, testimonies, and the lives of the performers into one performance that explores how we reflect upon our lives when we know it is about to end.
‘To balance seven characters over an hour and develop aspects of all of them and cover such a difficult subject shows how talented everyone involved with Veto is,’ – SCAN
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