Writer – Walker Zupp
Director – Kieran Burton
Producers – Mike Narouei, Walker Zupp
Designer – Kieran Burton
Stage Manager – Liam Cain
Socrates – Stefan Rasmussen
Kallos – Mike Narouei
Plato – James Bone
Meletes – Liam Cain
Written by Walker Zupp, the play opens with Socrates being taken into his cell and is informed that the trial to decide his life will commence in the morning. Alone with nothing but his thoughts, he decides to prepare by enacting said trial with the assistance of his subconscious, Kallos. Throughout the night, he questions the meaning behind his actions, ideals, and life.
Based on Plato’s apology, ‘The Two Minds of Socrates’ draws parallels with a post-Brexit United Kingdom, with its culture of identity politics, conservatism, and fear of the unknown. Through Veto’s process, the characters are given personas that blend the personality of the performers with the historical figures they play. Bordering on the surreal, the production is angry, funny, tragic, and most importantly relevant.
‘VETO have created an impressive original production that takes on a daring subject matter, and executes it in an original, modern style. The Two Minds of Socrates will be remembered for this reason, and VETO productions continue to strengthen their reputation as Lancaster’s rising stars of theatre.’ – SCAN
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