Writer – John Hughes
Adaptation – Mike Narouei
Director – Kieran Burton
Producers – Mike Narouei, Kieran Burton
Designer – Kieran Burton
Stage Manager – Renesse Leong
Brian – Fergus Oliver
Bender – Mike Narouei
Claire – Malka Kovalenko
Andrew – Liam Cain
Allison – Fatima Rodriguez
Vernon – Ronan Grant
Carl – Santiago Guilammon
A pastiche upon the classic 1980’s film, VETO’s adaptation breaks down the script and explores the innate theatricality within the piece. Characters are adapted into personas inhabited by the performers playing the role. Themes of the period are turned inside out and investigated under a contemporary lens in addition to addressing issues of sex and coming of age.
The piece also explored the relationship between film and theatre. Having recorded multiple scenes on VHS VETO incorporated an old TV into the set design which encompassed the nostalgia of the 80’s.
‘I personally had goosebumps when the final monologue was delivered, and I left with a smile on my face knowing that I’d witnessed some excellent theatre.’ – SCAN
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