Writer – Jim Cartwright
Director – Mike Narouei
Producers – Mike Narouei, Kieran Burton, Liam Cain
Designer – Kieran Burton, Mike Narouei
Stage Manager – Melissa Homes
Sound Designer – Caella Price
Marketing Coordinator – Eleni Georgiou
Scullery – Liam Cain
Ensemble – Kieran Burton, Brynie Boyle, Lucy Turbull, Mike Narouei, Samuel Pye, Jayran Lear
Under the guidance of the rum-soaked wideboy Scullery, we are taken on an evening's tour of a scruffy, depressed road in a small Lancashire town. Moving from street corner to living room, from bedroom to kitchen, we meet the inhabitants of young, middle-aged, and old, glimpsing their socially and emotionally wretched lives, in this sharp, sad, funny, and angry play.
Using an experimental rehearsal process VETO investigated the relevance of the piece, comparing the degradation of the North to the current political atmosphere. The set design was constructed of debris, rubbish and castaways found within the local area. Working in collaboration with local shelters, the homeless were invited to the production without cost.
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