Writer - Tallulah Bond / Director - Mike Narouei / Producers - Anya Hotten, Mike Narouei, Tallulah Bond
Pascal - Daniel Narouei, Shubham Saraf / Hebe - Tallulah Bond / Monica - Zella Clay
Director of Photography - Kian Altman / Editor - Sarah Stook / Gaffer - Gian Pottieri / Camera Assistant - Stephan Wink / Sound Recordist - Bogdan Mecea / Make Up Artist - Raheem Mir / Soundtrack - Peter Bond

A boy is offered a contract that promises his dreams, but he forgets to read the small print.
The piece explores the costs that come with ambition. Questioning if we can ever truly be happy when we sacrifice everything to achieve our dreams. 
'I'm Your Fairy Fu*king Godmother' is VETO's first short film made in collaboration with The Play On Theatre Company. The decision to create the short came out of the restrictions placed on theatre during the lockdowns of 2020.
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