Writer – Mike Narouei
Director – Kieran Burton, Mike Narouei 
Producers – Mike Narouei, Kieran Burton, Liam Cain, Rachel Morris
Dramaturge – Louise Cross
Choreography – Bethany Dyke
Designer – Kieran Burton, Mike Narouei
Stage Manager – Renesse Leong
Lighting Designer – Beth Manicom
Soundtrack – Harriet Kennedy
Marketing Coordinator – Eleni Georgiou
Marketing Assistant – Alfie Henwood, Laura Holsey
Ensemble – Amelia Banerjee, Sam Pye, Mike Narouei, Hannah Swain, Liz Duggen, Liam Cain, Santiago Guilammon, Brynie Boyle, Martha Shannon, Fatima Rodriguez, Ronan Grant, Lucy Turnbull, Jayran Lear, Paige Middleton
Helter Skelter tracks the lives of young women caught up by the counterculture of the late ’60s in California. Following their stories as they lose themselves in the fringes of society, where there are no rules, morals, or identity.
Based on the ‘Manson Family’ Helter Skelter explores the political atmosphere that led to the horrific events of 1969. Using techniques from cinema, the narrative bounds through multiple locations, historical events, and figures of the period.
‘At the finale, the viewers are left with an almost mind-numbing emptiness with the shocking experience of what is an amazing exercise performed by an amazing cast.’ – SCAN
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